If a patient presents a paper application form in the appointment, complete your functional assessment in the following steps.
The medical practitioner will complete Section 7 of the paper form.


Confirm the patient or their Nominated representative has selected either:

  • Apply for an Accessible Parking Permit
  • Renew an existing Accessible Parking or Disabled Parking Permit

And has entered the:

  • Personal Details
  • Contact Details
  • Nominated representative details (if applicable)
  • Current Permit Details– (renewal only)

The patient or their Nominated representative must name, sign and date the application for and has either selected

  • I am the applicant
  • I am the applicant’s nominated representative


The Medical Practitioner will enter their details before completing the Functional Assessment

  • Practitioner first name
  • Practitioner family name
  • AHPRA registration number
  • Practice name
  • Practice street address
  • Practice phone number
  • Practice email address (optional)

Occupational therapist please note: If your client is seeking a permit on the basis of a cognitive, behavioural or neurological impairment which is associated with the requirement for the continuous support of another person in order to maintain their safety, then please refer the applicant to their GP for assessment.


To complete the functional assessment, answer the following patient questions:

  • How have you verified the patient’s identity?
  • Does the patient drive a vehicle or are they a passenger only?
  • Does the person have a significant mobility impairment such that they are required to use a mobility aid or device and that a parking bay (not designed for people with disabilities) is insufficient in size to allow them access to and from their vehicle?
  • If yes, which mobility aid does the patient use?
  • Does the patient’s significant cognitive, behavioural or neurological impairment mean they are unable to independently mobilise safely without the continuous support of a person (or carer)?
    An occupational therapist cannot assess yes for a client
  • Select the option that best describes the patient’s ability to walk
  • Approximately how long will the patient’s mobility impairment last?


Read Permanent Medical Condition/ Disability Classification. Based on this definition answer the following question:

Does your patient or client have a permanent medical condition or disability? Yes or No


Read the Practitioner Declaration before entering the following information

  • Name
  • Signature
  • Date